Some of us have fond memories of our mom saying those words when we didn’t want to do something that was necessary, and not particularly pleasing.

Well, I am finding myself repeating those exact words. I am preparing myself mentally for yet another hip surgery because I know what it takes; this will be my 4th.
It is not very painful; at least in my opinion. Yet the recuperation is slow and long, and it demands a lot of discipline, effort and patience. One of the things I will be forbidden to do is stairs, at least not on a regular base. My studio is downstairs, so I will not be painting, probably for at least a couple of months.

So, because I have some experience on this, I am gathering my mental notes about all the stuff that I could be doing while recuperating. It seems pretty much everything in life is about how you look at things and what you decide to make of them…… I usually try really hard to keep positive and this is my routine.

First, I collect all the books and any other materials, like interesting articles, that I have meant to read but have not had the time. I also make sure I have an exceptionally good, and long, TV series. After my first surgery I watched “I Claudius”. After the second, I watched “The West Wing” and on the third one I watched the series “Rome” a British-American-Italian historical drama for television. (I really enjoy history…lots of drama!)

I will try  to find a way to paint with watercolors, (because they are simpler to handle than acrylic paints). This will allow me to work on small sketches that I might transfer into bigger paintings afterwards.

I am also telling myself that there are many people that go through worse things, more difficult circumstances, and some of them very often are children. They manage to give us adults an example of great courage and optimism. I will have the irreplaceable help of my dear husband who has already gone through this with me once, and the support of friends and family.

Two important facts:

First, I am so grateful because the desire to create art gives me the urge to get this all over with.

Second, I can hear my mother telling me, “It’s for your own good.” I just wish she could be here, with me, to hold my hand.

Patricia Riascos



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