I thought that this set of small paintings about each season that I did during 2016 would be appropriate as we arrived to the end of the year. Which made me think that life gets so busy that we often don’t even see the people living so close to us:our neighbors.

In this newsletter I documented a little experiment that I did as I got up one morning with an idea.
I would ask some of my neighbors if they would allow me to photograph their trees, this was a very significant experience because we were able to spend some time together that other wise it wouldn’t ever have happened. I wish I could have included more detail but then the newsletter would have gotten a bit too long. I have never done anything like this, they were all very gracious, we had the chance for nice conversation, a little tea, some wine, and some rain checks for a later wine…

To see the different  style of Christmas trees and the stories see Newsletter # 11:          http://eepurl.com/cs_7L




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