HOW TO BUY A PAINTING.... my point of view

MY ADVICE ON HOW TO BUY A PAINTING ( From Newsletter: Fall of 2016)

Since the pre-historic times the enjoyment of art is human nature.

Besides the issue of style you want a painting that “calls you” that makes you feel invited to get closer and share its space, just like the company of a dear one. That would be my first rule.

The next thing to consider is what kind of feelings does it stir in you once it has grabbed your attention. What feature catches your eye? Why? Does it remind you of something? Someone? Do you find that the colors cheer you up? Does it make you feel relaxed?

If the room is completely monochromatic, meaning decorated in beiges or whites and you want to “spice it up”, try a painting that has some of those colors in it. You don’t want a painting that feels like it is “invading” the space as opposed to mixing in.

There are many other considerations that you want in a painting. An art work is not simply a decoration piece, it has to grab your attention and most of all your loyalty. You don’t want to be tired of it after some time.

Why buy original?
– Art is a powerful form of expression, not only for the artists who create it, but also for those who own it.
– Art improves our quality of life. Think about your feelings in a room with bare walls.
– Children are fascinated by art. Art prompts children to ask questions and encourages them to fantasize, imagine, explore and expand their perceptions of reality,
– An original work of art reflects, enhances and sometimes even magnifies the personality of the individual who owns it.
– An original painting makes a wonderful gift for any occasion, especially if you have the person who is receiving it be part of the process.

I can think of many other reasons but that would make this article too long.


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