Life is full of surprises…… as we all know, not all of them are chocolate!
I am now trying to get used to a “new normal”; it is called Drop Foot, I never heard of these two words before; but it changes your way of life for sure. It is loosing the ability to flex the foot from the ankle down, the nerves will not communicate with the muscles.     I will need wear a brace on both legs.It has been a bit of a journey, so I decided to take a tally of the good things going for me and ones not so much. I have so many things to be grateful for, like my family and friends. I thank you all for all the help and your words of encouragement.
As I deal with this on all fronts, I find more and more people with worse problems. Sometimes our impulse is to say “why me” then I think… “why not”? All of us are here each with different problems and different ways to be tested. I still sometimes wake up in denial, and wonder if it was all a bad dream. On the other hand I need to “celebrate the miracle of everyday life… and the medicine advances that allow us to move on our own” — these words from Diana my cousin, who is very supportive and writes me letters that read like poetry.
I am grateful because I know that the desire to paint will keep me going… and moving no matter what.
Here is a quote from Brainard Carey, that I find so pertinent.

“We must strive to accept that reality is fluid. What may be safe and comfortable may also be altered at a moment’s notice. To live with this, allow it in and accept it as a part of our daily lives, is to be more at peace with the true nature of reality”.

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