Why I Paint?


Looking BackIn a recent art workshop in Colorado one of the topics discussed was to identify the reason WHY, what moved us to paint. And even if we have been doing it for a long time it called for deep reflection.

Are some people more creative than others? Maybe everyone has the capacity and it just manifests in every individual in different ways. But in every artist there is a profound yearning to express oneself visually, a need for feelings to be externalized.

Why do I paint?

My spirit has a desire that needs to be manifested. Color is inviting to me, just like a kid in a candy store…  I want it….  I paint because the thought of creating is very exciting, and inviting; it calls to me.

In general I choose to paint with very strong and cheerful colors, no one is constantly cheerful so in those instances I prefer to “move” the viewer, to invite reflection.

You can express your own creativity whether if you paint, or write or sing…. or if you surround your personal environment with any kind of art or paintings that reflect your inner most feelings and your style.  All of those reflect your creativity!

by Patricia Riascos


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